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DX10 by NVIDIA for AGP systems will appear, later ..

Owners of systems based on Intel 865 or nForce 3 Ultra 250, whose processors have not yet outlived, in their opinion, their own, Hardspell resource gives reason for optimism. It seems that it’s not worth parting with a PC that has been proven in gaming battles – NVIDIA, despite earlier information, is developing a new PCI Express transition bridge – AGP. Its previous version of the G8x series chips, alas, does not support.

Currently, the final design of the transition bridge is not yet ready, and therefore the source predicts a shift in the release of AGP versions of DX10-compatible NVIDIA video cards by at least three months relative to the release of accelerators with PCI Express.

With AGP, as reported, will be released video cards of the GeForce 8600 family (NVIDIA G84).

Source: Hardspell

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