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NVIDIA nForce 650 Ultra motherboards will overclock GeForce video cards by themselves

The NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI chipset, released last year, contained a number of innovations, not least among which was LinkBoost technology.

It works as follows: if during system initialization a motherboard based on nForce 590 SLI detects the presence of two video cards based on GeForce 7900 GTX, then the frequency of both graphic interfaces increases from the standard 100 MHz to 125 MHz, and at the same time the reference frequency of the HT bus between the chipset bridges increases from 200 to 250 MHz. This solution provides a 25% increase in throughput, which (in theory) could provide some performance gain. Of course, the owner of almost any motherboard could have performed such an operation himself – the advantage of nForce 590 SLI is the guaranteed performance of the chipset in new conditions and fully automatic LinkBoost activation.

In November, a set of system logic nForce 680i SLI was presented, which also supported this technology, and the list of compatible video cards was expanded due to the GeForce 8800 GTS / GTX. In the latest BIOS for such boards, LinkBoost for some reason disappeared.

With the release of the nForce 650 Ultra, NVIDIA will apply a different way to improve graphics performance in PCs using the GeForce and nForce product families. Instead of the controversially efficient PCI Express frequency increase, the nForce 650 Ultra will feature an automatic increase in the clock frequency of the graphics chip. Currently, among the supported graphics accelerators are called GeForce 7300 GT and GS, but it cannot be ruled out that other accelerators will soon be added to them.

Most likely, we are talking about overclocking, which fits into the range of 7-10%, as the safest from the manufacturer’s point of view, however, albeit a small increase, it will be pleasant for users who are far from having to force the frequencies of the video card in games.

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