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Saitek p990 dual analog driver





Saitek p990 dual analog driver.


Diagnostics: Central Brain Identifier Build 0428 R14

A new version of the free Central Brain Identifier utility has been released, which displays detailed information about any AMD processors. At the moment, the program can determine more than 40 processor models, determines the core revision, nominal frequency, creation date, OPN, XP-Rating, etc.d. It is possible to save screenshots. AdminControl plugin for remote identification of AMD processors.

The new version has improved work with AMD64 rev processors.G, added SSE4A detection and Hardware P-State Control, improved Windows x64 support, fixed bugs.

Download a copy of Central Brain Identifier Build 0428 R14 here (275 KB, Freeware, Windows All). AdminControl can be obtained there (384 KB).

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