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Trio of Albatron motherboards based on NVIDIA chipsets: 680i SLI, 680i LT SLI and 650 Ultra

Albatron Technology has unveiled 680i SLI, 680i LT SLI and 650i Ultra mainboards created as part of a joint project with chipset developer NVIDIA and aimed, respectively, in three market segments: products for enthusiasts, mainstream and entry-level systems.

680i SLI is aimed at gamers. It is based on the nForce 680i SLI chipset and is designed for Intel processors, including Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme, as well as future multi-core models. The board supports FSB 1333 MHz, dual channel DDR 2 EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) memory and is equipped with three PCI Express x16 slots. Two of the installed graphics cards can be used in an SLI configuration. EPP-enabled memory will be labeled “SLI Ready” and, according to the manufacturer, can provide additional performance gain in dual-channel operation.

The board is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet network adapters with LinkBoost support (one of their ports is configured for input, the other for data output, which allows to increase the exchange rate). Another feature of the network subsystem is the use of FirstPacket technology, which is based on the mechanism of assigning priorities to packets transmitted over the network. This allows, for example, in network games, game data packets that have a higher priority, say, than voice data packets (VoIP), are delivered first.

The company emphasizes the great attention that was paid to the cooling system for the chips of the North and South bridges. Heat pipes are used to transfer heat from the south bridge to the north, where a metal radiator is located, dissipating heat into the environment. Heatsink fins are oriented to maximize airflow from the CPU fan.

680i SLI configuration includes six SATA II ports with RAID 0.1, 0 + 1.5 support, ten USB 2 ports.0, one IEEE 1394, SPDIF output, 8-channel HD Audio. Expansion options include two PATA ports, two PCI Express x1 and two PCI slots.

680i LT SLI and 650i Ultra boards also support Intel Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Quad processors, FSB 1333 MHz, but have a slightly more modest set of features. Thus, the 680i LT SLI board is equipped with 2 PCI Express x16 slots, while the 650i Ultra does not support SLI at all. They have not 10, but 8 USB ports and there is no second Gigabit Ethernet port, which automatically excludes support for LinkBoost.

Source: Albatron Technology

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