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Nvidia nforce 10 100 mbps ethernet drivers download.


SpongeBob USB – Transformer Flash Concept

Russian designer Dmitry Komissarov posted on his website another concept of a flash drive, the physical volume of which directly depends on the amount of data stored in it. For this, devices of the Flashbag series, according to the author, should use miniature pumps. A drive that is 100% full increases in size several times. Komissarov does not talk about how to hide it in his pocket later.

The novelty (if we can say so about the design of a device that will never see the light of day), being “empty”, looks like the main character of the cartoon “SpongeBob – Square Pants” – SpongeBob. However, it is worth filling the USB-flash “all the way”, and the friendly “cartoon” turns into a menacing-looking dog-fish.

It is rather difficult to understand what led the author to such an idea. Maybe going to a Japanese restaurant right after watching a cartoon?

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