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Nvidia geforce go 6150 driver windows 10





Nvidia geforce go 6150 driver windows 10.


Micron has the fastest 1Gb DDR2-1066 memory components in the industry

The first samples of DDR2 memory chips with a density of 1 Gbit, with a bandwidth of 1066 Mbit / s, presented by Micron Technology. According to the manufacturer, it is currently the fastest memory of its kind in the industry.

The main areas of application for fast memory are high-performance systems, in particular those designed for gaming and video editing. DDR2-1066 is 33% faster than current DDR2-800.

DDR2-1066 components are manufactured using the Micron 6F2 process (78nm standards) and are rated for 1.8V supply voltage as defined by JEDEC specifications. Chips with a density of 1 Gbit allow you to create memory modules from 512 MB to 2 GB. DDR2-1066 memory support announced by leading chipset manufacturers including AMD, VIA Technologies and SiS.

Preview samples of 1 Gbit Micron DDR2-1066 chips are currently available. The company plans to start serial production in the third quarter of this year.

Source: Micron Technology

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