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Sony Vaio G: SSD breaks new lightweight record

Sony is one of the earliest companies to believe in the future of solid state drives and to integrate it into their laptop PCs. As an example, let’s take at least the UMPC Sony Vaio UX.

It has now become known that the 32GB SSD has become available as an option in the fully functional Vaio G laptop, where it can replace the standard 40GB HDD at the user’s request.

Thanks to this step, the Vaio G has lightened by about 40 grams and now weighs less than 900 grams, thus being the lightest of its kind.

These notebooks are equipped with 12.1-inch XGA display, Core Solo ULV or Celeron M processor, Intel 945GMS Express chipset. Other features include Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, PCMCIA, card reader, biometric scanner.

Until now, the Vaio G has been priced between $ 1,800 and $ 2,100, with an optional SSD adding another $ 545 to the price.

Source: Sony

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