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Samsung specialists create a record-breaking microSD card – 8 GB

South Korean electronics giant announces 8GB microSD card. According to the company, this volume is enough to store 2,000 MP3 sound recordings, 4,000 photographs or five “DVD-quality” movies (the card is really record-breaking, so let’s close our eyes to the fact that 8 GB roughly corresponds to the volume of only one dual-layer DVD).

SD cards are widely used in portable electronics such as digital cameras. The miniature version of the cards – microSD retains backward compatibility with them (it can be used instead of SD, provided that an adapter is used), but it has a tiny size, which makes it especially suitable for, say, multimedia phones and smartphones.

The declared speed of reading the new Samsung card is 16 MB / s, writing – 6 MB / s. This means that the new product with a margin exceeds the requirements of Speed ​​Class 4 SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity).

According to analysts, by 2021, 8 GB memory cards will form the basis of the market in terms of the number of products sold.

Source: Samsung

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