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China claims 4G rights

According to a source citing the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry, China intends to submit its proposals for the fourth generation of mobile communications to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). This will happen next year, when the ITU begins accepting applications, and this message confirms earlier information about China’s intentions.

The Chinese 4G proposal will be based on the standard of its own development TD-SCDMA (in fairness, I must say that Siemens was involved in its development, and Philips and Samsung took part in the creation of the first solutions). The Chinese hope that the final ITU specifications will include a significant part of the technologies used in TD-SCDMA. In turn, this will give China a significant slice of the future 4G pie.

There are currently over 400 million in China. subscribers. However, the commercial TD-SCDMA network, officially recognized as the third generation standard, has not yet been launched – work is currently underway to improve the stability of communication in this standard. Commercial TD-SCDMA is expected to be launched during this year.

Despite the failures of the third generation (3G), China has been working on the fourth generation for several years. The first experiments began in 2021, and today, it is claimed, data reception speed of 80 Mbps has been achieved at speeds up to 50 km / h and data sending speeds from 20 to 90 Mbps. As you can see, these indicators are slightly better than the theoretical maximum for WiMAX technology, but will this be “a little” enough to proclaim the new technology as the fourth generation? After all, I remember NTT DoCoMo promised neither more nor less – gigabit speeds ..

So far, it seems that the Chinese are in a hurry to catch the steam locomotive ahead – apparently, fearing a repetition of the situation with wireless network standards (everyone remembers the story with WAPI?) and optical discs (EVD / AVD). Alas, the comparison of the indicators known to date is by no means in favor of the Chinese and such a rush is unlikely to lead to a positive result for them.

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