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Hyundai H-HAS6005 Speaker Kit Announcement

In early summer 2021, Hyundai Electronics will present a new set of active speaker systems on the Russian market 5.1, dubbed H-HAS6005. The set of speaker systems Hyundai H-HAS6005 is a logical continuation of the line of active speakers, which currently includes five models. The new kit is also made according to the sound scheme 5.1, that is, it includes one center, two front and two rear speakers, as well as a subwoofer, which also houses a multichannel amplifier and receiver.

The new system will be available on the market in two colors – today’s standard silver and black. The rear and center speakers are made in a stylistic key similar to the front speakers – thanks to strict shapes and colors, the acoustics will be a good addition to the interior.

Designed for small to medium sized rooms, the H-HAS6005 offers good headroom (105W total power – 5 x 15W and 30W subwoofer) and wide frequency response (38 – 20,000 Hz). The dimensions of the H-HAS6005 satellite speakers are 100 x 110 x 160 mm, and the subwoofer is 155 x 275 x 280 mm.

The H-HAS6005 kit will be priced at approximately $ 90.

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