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VIATOR HART DRIVER DETAILS:.Instrument Configuration – Modems & Software


The Viator ® USB HART Interface with PowerXpress® allows you to power and communicate with HART instruments using a personal computer’s USB port and HART communication software or an external modem / handheld communicator. Apr 28,  · Mactek has been a leading provider of hart protocol devices under the well known viator brand. Viator bluetooth hart interface manual viator bluetooth hart interface manual serial number label the viator serial number label is located on the front of the device and consists of two lines of text. The Viator® USB HART Interface provides a flexible PC communication link to HART networks. It is used to commission, service, calibrate, and acquire data from any HART field device or transmitter. The interface is compact and rugged for field use. Product Highlights.



MACTek Viator Bluetooth HART IECEx Modem Ex ia IIC T4 Ga • IECEx Zone 0 Intrinsically Safe • Bluetooth Wireless HART Communications • Fully HART Compliant for Reliable Communication • Integrated Minigrabber Test Leads for Instrument Connection. The VIATOR USB HART Interface is a PC communication link to HART networks for commissioning, servicing, calibrating, or acquiring data from any HART instrument or transmitter. This external interface is rugged and compact for field use MACTek Corporation Stoneham Road, Gates Mills, OH USA +1 (voice) +1 (fax). Viator HART modems, previously marketed under Pepperl+Fuchs MACTek Inc, is now a Pepperl+Fuchs branded product. The official integration of the Viator portfolio means that it now has the power of Pepperl+Fuchs’ distribution network, making Viator modems globally available and ted Reading Time: 50 secs.
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MACTek Viator USB HART Modem ()
MACTek Viator USB HART Modem
Pepperl+Fuchs purchased MACTek, a leading provider of HART protocol devices, in 2015
Viator HART Modems, USB Modems, RS Modems | MACTek | Pepperl+Fuchs
16GB SDHC Cards Available Now. But few will buy them yet

The MICRODIA company is rather little known to a wide circle of the computer community, but has in its asset for 15 years of existence a number of achievements.

In 1995, it became the first non-Japanese company to release 650-MB CD-Rs, in 2021, the second in the world launched the production of 512-MB MMC and SD memory cards.

A new milestone in the company’s history is scheduled for this month, when three new models of SDHC memory cards will start selling. Two of the new products, although related to the number of innovative products, can hardly be called unique. These are SDHC cards with a volume of 4 and 8 GB – there are already about a dozen similar solutions on the market.

16GB SDHC cards are truly unique today.

The manufacturer intends to release them in two versions, differing in speed characteristics – 82x and 160x.

Sales to start in Japan in May. The price promises to match the unusualness of the product – 3500 dollars for the fastest and most capacious model.

Source: Akihabara News

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