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Apple to release Safari for Windows

During his keynote speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, Steve Jobs announced that Apple will release a version of its Safari web browser for rival operating system Microsoft Windows.

Safari 3.0, in addition to Mac OS X Leopard, will receive compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

According to Steve Jobs, preliminary measurements of Safari for Windows showed a two-fold advantage of the Apple browser over Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The iBench test showed that when rendering HTML code, Safari renders a test page in 2.2 seconds, while Mozilla Firefox took 3.7 seconds to complete this operation, and Internet Explorer – 4.6 seconds. Safari for Windows took 0.9 seconds, Mozilla Firefox 1.6 seconds, Internet Explorer 2.4 seconds to pass JavaScript.

Apple also offered Safari 3 open beta for download today.0 for Mac OS X and Windows.

Download Safari 3.0 Public Beta is available from this page.

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