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Reader Interactions.Download HTC MTP Device Driver for Windows 7


Jun 07,  · Determine if your system is bit or bit. Download the BMP Driver for your OS type (x86 version if on bit, x64 if on bit) Download the newest HTCDrivers file (choose either the “EXE” or. The package provides the installation files for HTC MTP Device Driver version If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues. The package provides the installation files for HTC MTP Device Driver version In order to manually update your driver, follow the steps below .


Htc mtp device driver.How to Fix MTP Driver Installation on Windows 10 | DroidViews

Jun 09,  · Here we share three different types of methods to install MTP USB device driver. 1.) Install First, open Run Command Box by hold Windows key + R. Then types ” %systemroot%\INF ” and press Enter or click/tap OK. Run. Now type “ ” . May 25,  · Install the MTP USB Device Driver. Press and hold the Windows key and press R. In the run dialogue box that opens, type and hit Enter. This will open the device manager. Alternatively, you can also press the Windows key and type Device manager to search for it. Expand Portable devices and find your s: The package provides the installation files for HTC MTP Device Driver version In order to manually update your driver, follow the steps below .

Fix MTP driver Installation on Windows 10
Download HTC MTP Device Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

Hit parade GeForce 8500/8600, part two: versions by Gainward, Galaxy, Palit, Biostar, Forsa, Inno3D and Albatron

In the first part of the photo review on the models of GeForce 8500GT / 8600GT / 8600GTS video cards, we showed and briefly talked about the products of the companies
Foxconn, Twintech, GIGABYTE, Chaintech, Leadtek and BFG.

In addition to them, of course, similar (reference) solutions from other manufacturers were announced. However, among them there are some models of cards that have distinctive features that the manufacturer intends to use to attract a buyer. After all, if not functional features (frequency, cooling system), then what else, if not at a price, can this be done? And for the most part, reference adapters are similar to each other, like two drops of water.

Recall that three video cards from such manufacturers visited our laboratory: MSI, ECS and Point Of View. On the features of the architecture of the chips used in the considered cards and specifically
you can read about their characteristics in our article devoted to a review of the announced products based on NVIDIA GeForce

Here we will consider some models of video adapters, the announcements of which have arrived at the moment. Gainward has announced several cards in the series
“Golden Sample”, including “BLISS8500GT
PCX 256MB TV DVI “. The frequencies are initially overestimated, the manufacturer notes in its documents the values ​​of 600+ and 700+ MHz for the processor and memory, respectively, hinting at good overclocking capabilities.

Fans of quiet operation of a video card and a computer in general will be interested in the “8569-BLISS 8500GT PCX 256MB SilentFX” option, which, as the name probably already implies, is silent thanks to SilentFX – passive
cooling system.

BLISS 8500GT PCX 256MB SilentFX is characterized by frequencies of 600/600 MHz. Such frequency indicators, it seems, are due to the installation of memory with an access time of 1.4 ns, GDDR3 instead of the reference DDR2.

The GeForce 8600 series is represented by four models:

  • BLISS 8600GT 256 SilentFX – 540/1400 MHz, 1.4-ns GDDR3
  • BLISS 8600GT 256 Golden Sample – 800 + / 1600 + MHz, 1.2-ns GDDR3
  • BLISS 8600GTS 256 HDTV-DD – 675 + / 2000 + MHz, 1.0-ns GDDR3
  • BLISS 8600GTS 256 Golden Sample – 725 + / 2200 + MHz, 1.0-ns GDDR3

Of the greatest interest, of course, are the Golden Sample models, which have 1.0 ns memory installed. However, the option with SilentFX will also interest buyers.

Slightly weaker than Gainward, judging by the characteristics, the Galaxy offer looks like. The Galaxy 8500 GT below is clocked at 500/800 MHz with 2.5ns memory installed.

8600GT Galaxy variant is faster than reference samples. Its frequencies are 600/1600 MHz (instead of 540/1400 MHz).

The most interesting is the Galaxy 8600GTS. A cooler manufactured by Zalman is used to cool it. The operating frequencies of the adapter are 700 and 2000 MHz, respectively, which is almost in line with Gainward’s proposal. Plus, this accelerator has a controlled cooler and works with SmartPanel, dedicated configuration and monitoring software.

Palit Microsystems also unveiled several samples of video cards based on new NVIDIA GPUs. Its Sonic series products with increased operating frequencies and
an advanced cooling system, as noted in a press release from the company, allows you to achieve approximately 10% superiority over competitors.

The considered cards differ from the standard “clones” made according to the reference sample. They either have raised frequencies, or they are equipped with a more powerful cooling system, or they have both at the same time, due to which they will be of increased interest from the buyer, for a reasonable price, of course.

The products of Albatron, Biostar, Forsa, Inno3D did not please with anything special, judging by their characteristics. These companies have not yet begun to release factory overclocked adapters based on GeForce 8500GT / 8600GT / 8600GTS.

Sources: Gainward, Galaxy, Palit

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