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Security: Outpost Security Suite Pro

Agnitum Announces First Outpost Security Suite Pro 2021 (OSS) for Windows XP.

Outpost Security Suite Pro is a comprehensive proactive Internet security solution based on the combination of the well-known personal firewall Outpost Firewall Pro, which protects over a million users worldwide, with anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-spam.

To support reactive (signature-based) protection and the addition of an antivirus component, Agnitum has selected high-standard VirusBuster antivirus technology, which has passed 100% VirusBulletin certification. Agnitum specialists reworked and significantly improved the VirusBuster anti-virus engine to achieve high functionality of the Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware module. The difficult task of combining these two components was solved without sacrificing computer performance.

An anti-spam module, part of the Security Suite, which is traditional for complex security solutions, is built into Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and cleans up spam by learning the probabilistic Bayesian algorithm, which uses probabilistic and behavioral algorithms for detecting spam.

Finally, the Security Suite includes the Identity Theft and Information Leakage Prevention Module and the Outpost User Community ImproveNet collection service, providing users with rulesets researched and validated by Agnitum for optimal configuration of the firewall module.

The final version also introduces significant technological innovations:

  • SmartScan technology

    You can select the fast scan option using SmartScan caching technology. During the initial system scan, Suite creates hidden files, indexing files and folders. If a file changes or the malware database is updated, Suite can be configured to scan only those changed files. Files that remain unchanged are not scanned again, which speeds up the scanning process and improves performance. This feature can be disabled if you wish, however, caching is highly recommended for faster scanning for the presence and activity of malware.

  • Checking Execution Access

    New option that allows the user to configure checks for file access attempts, in particular, file execution access.

In addition, Security Suite also favorably distinguishes:

  • Internal protection technology

    Outpost Security Suite Pro detects when an application tries to interfere with its own processes. This protects the firewall from being deactivated or otherwise stopped by malicious code.

  • Convenience and simplicity

    Serious security doesn’t mean difficult to use. Outpost’s highly customizable interface offers both a plethora of configuration options for advanced users, as well as completely amazing automatic settings that provide exceptional protection for users regardless of their technical background.

You can download a trial version of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2021 for Windows 32/64-bits from this page (Shareware, Windows 32/64-bits).

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