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Geforce go 6150 driver





Geforce go 6150 driver.


Multimedia: MediaCoder v.0.6.0-pre11

The free audio / video transcoder MediaCoder has been updated, which has combined many developments into one collection with a convenient and intuitive interface. The program allows you to increase the compression of video and audio in order to reduce the file size, can extract audio tracks, provides the ability to convert video to normal VCD / DVD, can convert audio without noticeable loss of quality. In addition, MediaCoder is able to create CD copies on the fly.

In the new version, several bugs have been fixed, new command line parameters have been added, internal modules have been updated, the interface has been improved, etc.d. Read the details here soon.

Download MediaCoder v.0.6.0-pre11 from there (15.1 MB, Freeware, Windows 2000 / XP).

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