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New PROMT – translation just got better

PROMT presented a new version of the line of machine translation systems. A new translator can be trained to improve the quality of the translation, expand his vocabulary and use the already translated text fragments in new translations. In addition, for the first time in a line of professional translation software, a version for mass users will be added.

PROMT 8.0 uses significantly redesigned translation algorithms that have been refined and tested by the company’s specialists for over two years. The new version allows you to analyze the context and correctly translate most linguistic structures and set expressions.

The quality of translation is influenced not only by the perfection of translation algorithms, but also by the correctness of the system settings, especially when it comes to specialized texts. Convenient and easy procedure for editing your own dictionaries opens up an excellent opportunity to customize the system in accordance with the subject matter of the user’s texts.
If the proposed translation options are not satisfactory, the user can add their own meaning to the dictionary or turn to Internet dictionaries for help. To replenish vocabulary, the program uses the constantly updated vocabulary base Multitran. The ability to refer to updated dictionaries ensures that text translations are adequate even if new words appear in the language.
In the version of the program for business users (PROMT Professional 8.0) added the ability to maintain a translation memory based on Translation Memory (TM) technology. This means that any translated piece of text that suits the user in terms of translation quality can be saved and the next time the same text is translated, the system will automatically substitute the saved translation fragment. The use of TM allows you to save time when translating similar repetitive texts in which only minor details change, for example, contracts, operating instructions, technical descriptions.

New PROMT 8.0 fully supports new products from Microsoft: the translator is built into Microsoft Office 2021 applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint). For the convenience of users, the interface of PROMT 8 products.0 is implemented in the style of Microsoft Office 2021. Separately, it should be noted that the entire line of PROMT 8 translators.0 supports Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

Composition of the PROMT 8 line.0

All translators are supplied in two configurations: for English-Russian-English translation and in the Gigant package (English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Russian-German, French-Russian, Russian-French, Spanish-Russian, Russian-Spanish , Italian-Russian – 9 directions of translation). Recommended prices are indicated in the package for English-Russian-English translation.

  • PROMT 4U – a simple translator for personal use (590 rubles.)
  • PROMT Standard 8.0 – translator for a small office (3000 rubles.)
  • PROMT Professional 8.0 – professional translator for business (9000 rubles.)
  • PROMT Expert 8.0 – translation solution for experts (RUB 24,000.)

All prices are included in the package for English-Russian-English translation.

PROMT 8 sales start.0 – 16 April 2021.

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