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CHOOSE A TOPIC.”Device is in use by other software” error and steps to resolve – Elgato


The first software to access the device will be the only software that can receive video from the device. If a second software, such as 4K Capture Utility tries to access the device, it will not work. This can happen when the capture device is added to a scene in OBS Studio, and then 4K Capture Utility is opened. Back to Contact Us Sign in Search the Knowledge Base To help expedite returns and exchanges, please attach your purchase receipt, as well as a picture of your hardware serial number. But when I try to make a scene for it in OBS the only option it gives me for Video Capture Devices are my webcam and “Elgato Helper Device (unavailable)” and I can’t get it to show “Elgato Game Capture HD” or whatever it’s supposed to be – it’s just not there in the list of available devices. The Elgato Game Capture isn’t on while I’m trying in.


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But when I try to make a scene for it in OBS the only option it gives me for Video Capture Devices are my webcame and “Elgato Helper Device (unavailable)” and I can’t get it to bring up Elgato Game Capture HD or whatever it’s supposed to be, it’s just not on the list. Bitrate is the amount of data transmitted per second. Record up to the maximum bitrate in Elgato 4K Capture Utility software. Multi App Support Simultaneously capture video in multiple apps at the same time. Multi Capture Device Support Connect multiple capture devices to . Illuminate on command. Solid, space-saving and app-enabled, Elgato Key Light sets the bar for high-end studio lighting. Discover. MULTI MOUNT. Modular Rigging System. Multi Mount lets you position your camera, light or phone at any angle, while keeping your workspace tidy .
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NEC launches Hello Kitty-style laptop for business women

The main feature of the laptop, presented yesterday in Tokyo by NEC, is its appearance. In the design of the product, stylistic motives of a popular cat in Japan were used: pink color, placers of “precious stones”, silhouette and the Hello Kitty logo. Thus, the manufacturer is trying to attract the attention of a female audience to the new product. Laptop price – about $ 1,650. The model was named La Vie G Hello Kitty.

It is known that the laptop was created in collaboration with Sanrio, a Japanese company that produces products under the Hello Kitty brand. An unusual computer adorned with 299 Swarovski crystals that form the outlines of four hearts and a cat’s head, decorated with a bow and a crown.

The manufacturer hopes to sell several hundred products in the coming months, as the summer season begins when employees of Japanese companies receive traditional semi-annual bonuses.

Laptop with Windows Vista comes with 1GB of RAM and a 100GB hard drive. However, what does it matter?

Sources: NEC, AP

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