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In 2 weeks AMD will present Radeon X2900 and show Agena FX in action

Chinese resource Hardspell announces that April 23-24 will be a holiday for all fans of AMD products. Firstly, the manufacturer will finally officially present the family of Radeon X2900 graphics accelerators based on the R600 chip, and secondly, it will show its flagship quad-core processor Agena FX.

So much has been said about the first product in recent months that we will not repeat ourselves. Features of Agena FX include 512 KB of L2 cache per core and 2 MB of shared L3 cache. In addition, the processor will be one of the first chips from the company to support the new revision of the HyperTransport bus, version 3.0. Virtualization technology (AMD-V) and enhanced PowerNow are also supported. According to the source, Agena FX should become the new leader in “performance per watt”.

Such processors will be able to work in pairs in the same Quad FX system, thus forming the first eight-core configuration for the consumer market (of course, provided that Intel does not release a similar system based on Yorkfield to the market earlier).

Source: Hardspell

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