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Canon mg2200 driver.


Phantom Miro 3: shooting 95,000 frames per second

Vision Research unveils Phantom Miro 3, the first in a new line of compact high-speed digital cameras. The device is designed for a wide range of scientific research from chemical processes to shooting automotive crash tests.

Compact but sturdy, capable of withstanding acceleration up to 100g, the camera can shoot at 2200 frames per second. The resolution of the resulting image is 512×512 pixels. By reducing the resolution to 32×32 pixels, you can achieve a “rate of fire” over 95000 (!) frames per second. The numbers are absolutely incomparable even with the fastest “consumer” sensors.

Monochrome sensor equivalent ISO 4800. This value should be sufficient for most situations. Shutter speed is only 2 microseconds. Any lens with a standard 1-inch C-mount can be attached to the camera.

The camera provides connectors for connecting various external control and synchronization devices. Phantom Miro 3 is equipped with both RAM and non-volatile flash memory. Internal battery guarantees data safety if the camera is disconnected from an external source.

The camera comes with a trial version of the Image Systems TEMA Starter for Phantom software for analyzing footage.

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