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Ati radeon hd 4290 driver.


BridgeWave Uses 80GHz Radio Channel To “Extend” Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity

BridgeWave Communications, a wireless network equipment company, unveils a family of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet solutions. We are talking about “radio extenders” that provide connection to the Gigabit Ethernet network over a radio channel at a frequency of 80 GHz. The communication range provided by the Gigabit Ethernet 80 GHz Extended Range (GE80X) and AdaptRate 80GHz Extended Range (AR80X) modules, according to the company, is 8-9 kilometers.

The equipment that forms the communication channel includes 60-cm antennas, which made it possible to increase the communication range, in comparison with previous developments, by 40%. The manufacturer declares that the radio channel is not affected by weather conditions, and the reliability of communication can be expressed by the probability of normal operation, equal to 99.99%.

Among other advantages, the developer notes a narrow antenna radiation pattern, which has a positive effect on the channel’s security. In addition, the AR80X has a unique feature – the ability to instantly switch from 1 Gbps to 100 Mbps to maintain a connection in the event of a sharp degradation of the channel parameters.

The GE80X and AR80X MSRP are $ 36,900 and $ 39,900, respectively.

Source: BridgeWave Communications

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