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Samsung Pioneers 51nm 16Gb NAND Flash

Samsung Electronics, a South Korean company, has become the first flash memory manufacturer to mass-produce NAND chips with today’s highest density of 16 Gbps. New memory is released at 51nm standards. According to Samsung, this is also a kind of record – the minimum standards for serial production of NAND flash memory.

Compared to 60nm process, 51nm-compliant production allows, according to Samsung, to increase production efficiency by 60%. The pace at which the company is mastering ever more delicate standards is noteworthy: the serial production of 60nm 8Gb NAND chips was announced just eight months ago, in August last year, and trial samples of 16Gb NAND flash memory, manufactured using more subtle norms were introduced in January.

The use of 16-gigabit MLC (multi-level cell) chips will allow the production of memory cards with a capacity of 16 GB. Another benefit is the increased performance – the reduction in the norms allowed us to increase the read and write speeds by about 80% compared to the current generation of chips. In particular, the read speed is 30 MB / s, and the write speed is 8 MB / s. For comparison – for 60-nm chips, these figures are 17 and 4.4 MB / s, respectively.

The speed gain is due to an increase in page size: operations in 60nm chips are performed on 2Kb pages, while 51nm chips with 16GB density double the page size to 4Kb. This change will be incorporated into the hardware and software of the new flash-based products that the company intends to offer. In particular, we are talking about memory for cell phones and MP3 players. Memory card controllers supporting 4K pages are now available.

Source: Samsung Electronics

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