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Amd radeon hd 6370m





Amd radeon hd 6370m.


Photo report from the Computex exhibition, PowerColor stand: video cards, incl.h. and Directx 10 on AGP!

At Computex 2021, PowerColor
widely presented a lineup of middle and budget video adapters,
among which you can find models on graphics processors
AMD / ATI new 2xxx Radeon series: 2400 and 2600, both PRO and XT versions.

The most interesting, perhaps, can be considered the PowerColor adapters
HD 2600 PRO SCS3, which
made on the basis of GPU Radeon HD 2600 PRO, has a very
good characteristics and at the same time absolutely silent (thanks to the passive
air cooling system on heat pipes), as well as a number of products that
have an AGP interface, now forgotten by most manufacturers as outdated and unpromising.

Nevertheless, those who do not want to say goodbye to boards with only this type
graphics adapter will be able to get DirectX 10
graphics at their disposal, albeit nominally (after all, the GPU
Radeon HD 2400 is not as strong as we would like),
but nonetheless.

Source: iXBT own

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