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Testers received a new Leopard build

Apple sent out another test build of Mac OS X 10 to developers.5 Leopard – build 9A410. Testers received this version six weeks after the previous one – build 9A377a, which was distributed only to developers with the status of Select members or Premier Apple Developer Connection.

There is only one entry in the list of innovations in build 9A410 – small changes in Terminal 2.0, but the list of Leopard problems known to the company, given in the accompanying documentation for the latest build, is quite long. The current build of Leopard does not install correctly on the PowerPC-Mac, there are problems with the Print & Fax System Preference panel, QuickTime Player, Image Capture, problems with Microsoft Office programs, iDisk synchronization, working on Mac Pro workstations with two video cards, and also problems in working with NVIDIA FeForce 2 cards.

The ThinkSecret website previously reported that it said the final version of Leopard would be released in June, along with the opening of Apple’s WWDC 2021.

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